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Adaptivate: Make Any Site Adaptive/Responsive

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Adaptivate provides lessons representing the present web page width and orientation to any factor you select (e.g. the html or physique tag) in an effort to simply make your website adaptive/responsive with out having to take care of messy CSS media queries.

Utilizing these lessons, you’ll be able to create CSS guidelines to use completely different kinds based mostly on the web page width or orientation. For instance, you may make the menu a hard and fast width on screens smaller than 768px, and fluid on bigger screens. Or make listing objects float left on screens bigger than 1024px.

As an alternative of utilizing CSS media queries like “display screen and (min-width: 641px) and (max-width: 1023px) and (orientation: portrait)”, you’ll be able to embrace a rule in your css to focus on ”.width_gt_640.width_lt_1024.orientation_portrait”.

Adaptivate solely requires jQuery, and helps any browser that jQuery does (for optimum compatibility, use model 1.9x).


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