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Bulk Domain Checker + Whois Lookup

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Bulk Area Checker + Whois Lookup construct with easy coding , easy construction and simple to make use of.

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Greater than 200++ Checking TLD area, and use new technique utilizing area test.

You would test Limitless Area on bulk area checker, or simply outline how a lot you’re allowed the customer checking area.

Should you prefer it … Please fee it .. :)

Please let me know when you discovered bugs or need assistance.



This script is use regex Area to confirm , and by default set minimal 2 characters , so please don’t choose as a bugs. You would change the regex of area verification and please be sure the area extension is allowed.

Older Model information Consists of. So you continue to might use older model however we’re beneficial to make use of new model bug repair and extra simpler and lighter.

When you have buy however restrict the downloads you may contact Envato Helps or PM me thororugh my profile web page.


Area checker assist Area suggestion that permitting you to set customized phrases, insert you listing of some phrase after which script will probably be randoming and insert your phrases into base area title, or checking one other exetsions first if area title have been registered earlier than.

Present Area Checker Consists of Outdated Scripts as Bonuses , so when you might use one other model of area checker if you need. Present area checker function are :

  1. PSR
  2. Help Title Area – so you may embeded the script into your framework
  3. Embrace Anti Spambot
  4. Prepared For Returning Secure Output with customized set language.
  5. Help database caching
  6. Simply delete cache per area title or clear all
  7. Embrace helper for parsing all e-mail on whois into picture
  8. Enhance Efficiency
  9. Area suggestion
  10. Output returning results of the features as array with full element , eg : registrar title, registrar e-mail, registrant title , registrant e-mail, the server, port and so on.
  11. Fixing Whois end result from third celebration area supplier for higher end result
  12. Utilizing like WHMCS whois Server technique, so you may simply get Whois servers out of your WHMCS
  13. Simply add restrict extensions to test Whois or Area availibility test
  14. Multi Cache technique : in case your database goes down, script robotically utilizing disk cache to deal with efficiency
  15. You would set common expression for Area title and so on..


  1. Webserver Apache , Nginx or and so on. Help PHP utility
  2. PHP model 5.three.x or later ( beneficial useing model 5.three.x / later ).
  3. cURL is enabled in your servers.
  4. TCP & UDP connection on port 43 is allowed in your server.


September 19th 2015
 + Replace New Script New Area Checker , Construct With Help area suggestion
 + Repackage (add preliminary)
 + Use Whois servers like WHMCS ( so you may simply get whois servers from all over the place accros Net )
 + Take away shell_exec

October 2nd 2014
  + repair unmatched / server match string phrases
  + repair bulk area test max num test
  + repair .nu match area  that at all times registered
  + change app.js with extra international use
  + add class to every type tags on exampleuseajax.php, for selector ajax on app.js to simpler to make use of

June 20th 2014
    + added technique class on constructor arguments ( cache dir and usecache )

June 19th 2014
    + added shell_exec to get whois servers , that want by some area ( eg: area.com )

25th Might 2014
 + added checkbox instance utilization

14th Might 2014
  + added whois servers : pub, pw, qa
  + repair error positition bulk area

5 Might 2014 : 
   + repair area break up by commas operate that would not splitting extension solely
   + Added operate bulk_available_single_check() to mass test area title : -> one title with mass totally different extension

24 April 2014
    + New Scripts Area checker
    + new information , new documentation
    + new whoisservers and added rather more area server
    + added bootstrap three.x prepared

18 November 2013

    + Take away duplicate '.ac' whois server listing
    + Change '.information' whois server url ( potential whois.affiliate.internet hijack by parking website).

28 November 2013

    + Change Construction PHP
    + Change Some CSS & Markup
    + Take away Tempate Listing
    + Repair Error When couldn't join socket / error get server. ( take away die(); operate)
    + Repair HTTP_REFERRER, $getdomain & $postdomain Undefined.
    + Repair HTTP_REFERRER Undefined.
    + Repair Invalid Markup HTML Language.
    + Take away Uneccessary tag and string.
    + Enhancing Structure is easier, simply on script. ( whois.php, domain-checker.php and so on... )

20 December 2013
    + including session rule : keep away from damaged session if session has been begin
    + commenting php header server to keep away from breakdown the location


For Earlier Model

  • Google reCAPTCHA : https://www.google.com/recaptcha/
  • Jquery Placeholder by Kerni : https://github.com/kerny-/placeholder-js
  • Whois Server listing : http://iana.org

My CSS Pricing desk with full function customable Pricing desk CSS on : http://codecanyon.internet/merchandise/fw-responsive-pricing-table/4785929.


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