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WordPress Buggy Plugin

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The Downside

I obtained again into WordPress Themes and Plugins programming and located myself struggled debugging my code. There are a number of choices to debug PHP code however every has its drawbacks for me:

  • utilizing print or echo someplace within the HTML code (it may break JS stuff, too distracting [you could style them but you still need to mess with the HTML ])
  • utilizing a IDE (setup, utilizing a IDE )
  • different options (a number of issues should be put in, too distracting)

The Answer

This Plugin is a straightforward and slim PHP to Console bridge to ship debugging messages. It helps Strings, Arrays and Objects.

The setup is minimal: since we’re within the WordPress Framework it’s so simple as activating a Plugin.

Most browsers assist the console.log() perform (Firebug in Firefox, Developer Instruments in Chrome, Firebug Lite in IE, Scripts overwriting the conduct, and many others.) so it is best to simply discover the perfect resolution for you.

Distraction can be diminished, much more when you use the Console for Javascript debugging anyway.


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